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About Us

CERIN LTD is an innovative start-up, full name Cyprus Education Research and INnovation.

CERIN LTD was established in 2019, in order to promote quality interactive education, with the focus on science, at different levels of the educational ladder. The mission of CERIN is to operate as the right hand of teachers and parents, by designing educational programs/Serious Educational Games, that can be used to enrich the learning experience of children and young adolescents.


The aims of CERIN LTD are:

• To provide quality education and training

• To develop the skills of children and unlock their learning potential using innovative educational programs

• To educate and train children through interactive learning and hands on training

Artificial Intelligence is being used to design innovative digital programs, that engage children and provide them with an interactive and enjoyable experience and at the same time deliver meaningful knowledge, based on specific learning objectives.


CERIN is headed by academicians and scientists, who have a long-standing experience in education and in the management of EU and ERASMUS projects. CERIN is very well networked with both public and private schools as well as with the biomedical industry and other SMEs, working in creating innovative solutions in science.

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CERIN LTD Personnel/Collaborators

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